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Cheng Luo [Chief Executive Officer]

Mr. Luo Cheng was born on the 12th August, 1968 in Chongqing City, China.
He has a 1st degree in Aeronautic Engineering and has been in the aviation industry since 1990.

His career started with Wanzhou Airport as Air Traffic Controller from 1990-1999.

On the 23rd April, 1999, he moved to Hainan Airlines, one of the largest Airlines in China owned by the HNA Group as Flight Dispatcher.  At Hainan Airlines, he was posted to various outstations including North Africa, South Asia and Chicago in the United State of America where he held various management positions.

In May, 2013 he was appointed CEO of Africa World Airlines in Ghana, a position he currently holds. Africa World Airlines is a joint Venture between the HNA Group and other partners.

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